Laura Owens

a couple living apart isolate together

when violet chaos thrust you into
my orbit, an imbalance ensued,

your life in a suitcase, the desire
for you to impose only mine, we

clashed, juggled asteroids, a cosmic
performance of adult tetris and elbow

grease, adjusting to life as one, soon
enough our poles would align. you

made your first mark before all this, a
pair of glossy cheeks on my bedside

now in all dimensions to my left, is
there even a my side of the bed

like there's a dark side of the moon?
you slowly uncover my craters, my

blemishes, the ones always hidden
away now luminous all hours of the

day. we learn to mould time, at the
start an infinite sum, borders blurred

but respected, an effortless rhythm
forged, a harmony even Libra would

envy. but now the hourglass runs low.
I dread the inevitable: the day you

leave this house, the day it stops being
a home. vacant drawers, barren shelves,

this binary star bereft of its other half.
so you hold my heart in your palms, and

promise that soon we'll share the same
orbit again, that we'll entangle celestial

bodies over cotton skies, after scrawling
two illegible names on the dotted line.


Laura Owens is a full-time animator and part-time writer from the North West of England. She ventured south to pursue an animation career in the videogame industry, where she also fell in love with poetry. Her words have appeared in online publications such as Q/A Poetry, perhappened, Re-side, Versification, and Detritus, among others. Say hi on Twitter/Instagram @laurabethowens